Methane Expo 2013 is Held in Canada
2013-03-27 18:21

On March 13th, , 2013, the Methane Expo 2013 was held in Vancouver, Canada, organized in participation with the Ministry of the Environment of Canada and USEPA. More than 400 representatives from government agencies, companies and non-governmental organizations of 40 countries attended the three-day conferences and exhibition. Mr. Sun Zhen, Deputy Inspector of the Climate Change Department of NDRC who led a Chinese delegation attended the Steering Committee Meeting to deliver an introduction to the international society on the methane emission reduction policies and activities in China in the sectors of agriculture, coal, oil and natural gas, etc., and arranged the decoration of Chinese Booth. Representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affair, Ministry of Agriculture, Nation Administration of Energy, CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, CCII, etc. attended the technical conferences and exhibition. 

Global Methane Initiative (GMI) is formerly named the Methane to Markets Partnership(M2M), which was founded by USEPA in 2004, to promote methane recovery and utilization and reduce methane emission, and China was one of 14 partner countries. GMI, launched in 2010, now has 41 partner countries, covering five sectors of agriculture, coal, oil and natural gas, municipal solid waste and municipal wastewater. Methane is the second important greenhouse gas after CO2 in emission. Participating the activities of GMI is of positive significance for China to disseminate the methane emission reduction polices, be aware of the progress of international methane emission activities and expand the cooperation in this area.

National Booth of China

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