2015 15th International Symposium on CBM/CMM and Shale Gas in China
2015-06-23 16:58

 Announcement and Call for Papers

 November 12-132015   Landmark Hotel, Beijing China  

  ■    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  ■    State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, P.R. China
China Coal Information Institute
The 15th International Symposium on CBM/CMM and Shale Gas in China will be held on November 12-13, 2015 in Beijing Landmark Hotel. Organized by China Coal Information Institute, the 2-day Symposium is supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and State Administration of Coal Mine Safety.
Why to attend?
In 2014, the total drainage volume of coal mine methane reached 13.26 billion m3 with the low utilization of 4.53 billion m3. The surface coalbed methane in 2014 was about 3.73 billion m3, and the utilization reached 3.16 billion m3. Based on the current status of coalbed methane development and utilization, the development of CBM industry in China should both take reference of the advanced experience from other countries and summarize the successful cases and lessons learned from the CBM development and utilization in recent years, so as to develop key technologies suitable for the CBM development and utilization in China, promote the coordinate development of CBM development and CMM drainage, achieve the targets of gas pre-drainage before coal mine construction, gas pre-drainage before coal mining and co-extraction of coal and gas and guarantee the coal mine safety. Introduce your advanced study and technologies!
Besides, with the rapid growth of coal production and the promotion of coal mine rectifying and closure in China, a large amount of gassy coal mine with exhausted resources and unsafe production conductions were closed, so the recovery and utilization of abandoned coal mine methane (AMM) has great potential and will be one of the important topics of the Symposium.
An unconventional natural gas - shale gas, as a topic of interest, is also included in this Symposium, where industry researchers, government advisers and technical supporters will be invited to discuss policies relating to the shale gas industry, current development of the industry, E&D technology and commercialization strategies. This Symposium aims to build up a bridge for sharing shale gas development expertise and experiences and enhance cooperation within the industry.
■    Opportunities and challenges for CBM industrialization in China
■    Approaches to CBM exploration and development projects
■    Key technologies of CBM exploration and development
■    Bottlenecks in CBM development and utilization
■    CBM/CMM recovery and utilization technologies
■    AMM recovery and utilization technologies
■    VAM utilization technologies
■    Policy Introduction for shale gas industry
■    Status quo of shale gas development
■     Shale gas exploration technology
Who to attend?
Participants be invited to this Symposium will included leaders and officials of government agencies, heads of provincial supervision departments of coal mine safety, experts on CBM/CMM and shale gas development and utilization, engineers from the ventilation and gas control departments of coal companies, manufacturer of CBM/CMM development and utilization equipment.
Call for Papers
Delegates are welcome to submit papers or give a presentation at the Symposium. All papers should be submitted to the organizing committee via email (cbmc@coalinfo.net.cn) by October 1, 2015. Papers submitted within the deadline will have the opportunity to be included in the proceedings and priority to present at the symposium.
The fee for each delegate, including accepted authors, will be US$600 inclusive of registration fee, materials, working lunch, receptions, etc. Expenditure for accommodation will be borne by the delegates. Delegates to the symposium should complete the attached Registration Form and send it to the Organizing Committee via email (cbmc@colainfo.net.cn) or fax (0086-10-8465 7806) by October 1, 2015.
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