China Coalbed Methane Clearinghouse is built jointly by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the former State Administration of Coal Industry (SACI) of China in August 1994, as a part of the China Coal Information Institute. The functions of the Clearinghouse include:
1) to improve the awareness of decision makers and mining officials to the coalbed methane potential in China, and help develop policy recommendations to encourage foreign investment and joint venture;
2) to provide information support to American companies who are interested in coalbed methane projects in China by ways of collecting information, identifying opportunities for Chinese and foreign parties in the development of coalbed methane projects, and hosting technical seminars etc.
In the past, the Clearinghouse obtained a number of achievements. In total, the Clearinghouse completed four important study reports and six international consulting reports. The State Science and Technology Commission awarded the prize of "National Excellent Achievement in Information of Science and Technology" to one report, and the Ministry of Coal Industry awarded prizes of "Progress in Coal Industry Science and Technology" to two reports. The Clearinghouse has actively developed consulting services, in addition to the tasks assigned by the State Administration of Coal Industry of China and the US Environmental Protection Agency. It has successively provided consulting services to many international agencies such as International Energy Agency, Asian Development Bank, Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation, United Nations Development Program and many foreign companies like Phillips Petroleum Co. of the US and Wartsila Diesel Company of Sweden. It has promoted international cooperation in coalbed methane in China. It has been economically beneficial to the Clearinghouse and has raised its popularity at home and abroad.


Mr. Han Jiaye

Coalbed Methane Clearing  House

China Coal Information Institute

National Institute of Occupational Safety (CCII & NIOS)

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